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New journal system is NEW. HELLO.

Boy have I been away for a while. >_>

But speaking of that, I'm slowly -- very slowly -- trying to start over with dA again. XD So the message center has been cleared, and I'm getting ready to go through my gallery and put some stuff in storage. Then clean up the page.

Yeah. Lots to do here. D'8

Art is in full swing again, as I'm preparing for Phoenix Cactus Comicon, and I got less than a month to get everything finished.

That's okay, I've done more with less. 8D So between art and costumes, and of course, school, I'm going to be pretty busy. XD

But I'll be uploading the stuff that I finish, and hopefully we'll have cosplay photos to upload again.


Plans for PCC? Here they are:


Two new cosplays this year, and me and Khokolotte are bringing back our Kanda and Lavi cosplays, since we only wore them once, and we don't have time to make our Jasmine and Mozenrath costumes. >3> So the DGM coslpays are actually plan B. XD

But we'll also be cosplaying Azula and Zuko, and we'll be entering the Masquerade again after... gosh, how long? REAL LONG. And the third costume is slightly out of season, but still good. 8'D SECRET, SECRET? Naw, I dunno. SURE. But I'll be cosplaying it with NumaFace. ;D If you guys remember our last costumes we cosplayed together, then you have an idea as to what it is this time around.

Yep, yep, yep. Seems like there was something else I wanted to say....... BUT I DON'T REMEMBER.

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That I don't exactly update regularly here on dA anymore. XD;

WELL, yes, very true. I've been doing more art, and I've had the mind to do more cosplay stuff (but please understand that's a losing battle. I get no cooperation D8), but I really don't update here a lot.

Two reasons behind that: I haven't been doing a whooole lot of art that would appeal to others (lots of personal stuff though), and I got a virus here, so I'm like DARE I CHANCE IT TO VISIT DEVIANTART TODAY? D8


For those interested, I do update my Tumblr ("you have a Tumblr? B|") quite regularly, so for those who want to keep up with art WIPs, cosplay stuff when it does happen, or you just like random shit, you can check that thar out:

I don't plan on quitting dA, and I'll still update it with finished art and cosplay photos, but for those interested in more frequent updates, there you have it. 8D

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HEY GUYS. Much needed journal update time!

I'm going to be attending Taiyou-Con this coming weekend. :eyes: For those also going to Taiyou, here's what I'll be doing, just in case [though why you would be, I'm not sure] interested:

:bulletpurple: I'll be in Artist's Alley allllll weekend, as per usual! So stop on by and say hi to me and Khokolotte. 8D
:bulletpurple: I'm going to be a part of the How Not to Fail panel, along with mah pal Anna and bro Khokolotte. It's gonna be full of snarky humor and tips for a successful convention-going experience, so if you're interested in those two things, I highly recommend it. ;D

Other than those two things, I'm not really doing anything, aside from the occasional drifting-through-the-halls and such.

And what will I be cosplaying, you ask?

I'll be cosplaying:
:bulletpurple: Third uniform Kanda on Friday
:bulletpurple: Esmeralda (yeah, from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame) on Saturday
:bulletpurple: Zatanna on Sunday

Yeah. 8D

So, hopefully see you guys this weekend! I got serious shit to finish before then. |D

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Late Journal is LATE + HinaBN Photoshoot

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 23, 2010, 9:29 PM
Yo peeps, the con was like, WEEKS ago, I know, but I decided to update this journal.... now. e_e

Like the first year, and the second year, Saboten-con's third year was a BLAST. Sure, it was a little hot, but... we live in a desert. XD Not much you can do about the weather. But heat aside, it was wonderful to see pals again and cosplay/derp around with them! ;3;

Seeing as how this journal's a little late, and that I'm lazy (OHRAEN), I'm going to skip to Sunday, in order to highlight the little photoshoot we were able to do with :iconeshiza: and :icongreyfinch:.

The hotel the con was held at had all kinds of interesting places, and I only wish that I had taken the time to actually explore the place more (didn't get around to it till... Sunday, really XD). But either way, here are some of the photos that came from this shoot!

HinaBN: A mixed bag of nuts by Raenstrife HINABN: Not a Zombie's Name by Khokolotte Mister Tibenoch by GreyFinch HINABN: Next to You... by Khokolotte HINABN: Fight by Eshiza

Click the images to see the big picture, YO.

These guys were great fun to shoot with, I mean seriously~ *O* What a great way to end a great con!

But now photoshoot withdrawal is GO URGH D'8

Anyway, there are the pictures from our HinaBN shoot, in one, convenient place! 8'D

Now, as for upcoming conventions, we're all set to be attending Taiyou-Con this January, and I will be in Artist's Alley with all kinds of new stuff! ;D New prints, new bookmarks, and maybe more! And as for cosplays... well... guess you'll just have to wait and see. :B



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Saboten T-minus

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 21, 2010, 9:30 PM

But no, srsly palz, I have stuff to get done still, but it doesn't look like an unmanageable amount, like I'm so infamous for. 8D Two new costumes are set for Saboten, and I'm set to sell again in Artist's Alley. :eyes: I'll have some new items, so y'all will wanna swing by and check it out if you're going to be in town. ;D

I'm not going to reveal any cosplays pre-con like I usually do, because surprises are better and avoiding weird drama-llamas is much, much better, so you guys will just have to wait till after the first weekend of October to find out what new cosplays we've got. But hopefully it'll be worth the wait. :iconimhappyplz:

There's your update folks!

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Ninja-Mode FTW

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 17, 2010, 6:59 PM
Hey kids, it's that time again! 8D MONTHLY JOURNAL UPDATE TIME.

:bulletpurple: What I'm up to: NO DAMN GOOD, THAT'S WHAT. XD Naw, not really, I'm a complete angel~ Post-PCC hangover has come and gone, summer semester is in full-swing, and my family has lost two dogs (one of old age, and one unexpectedly from bone cancer) which has basically put us all through the wringer. At the moment, I'm just enjoying the down-time after all of that, which means no real art, and no new cosplays in the works just yet. That'll change very soon though; I got a mountain of work to do before Saboten gets here! D8

:bulletpurple: Artwork Timez: I admit, I haven't been doing any "real" art. XD; The few doodles I manage to finish are full of nerdy, 70's TV show love, but other than that, I haven't been drawing. I'm trying, and trying pretty damn hard, to get back into the drawing spirit, because I will indeed be in Artist's Alley again for Saboten '10! I plan on getting a whole new lineup of prints, since my style's changed over the year, as well as retire my Bleach bookmarks and replace them with other series. I warn you now; I'm going to be polling you guys like crazy. D8 Your feedback helps me decide what series to do and it really does motivate me to get things finished in a nice fashion. 8D SO BE PREPARED FOR POLLS AND LOTS OF THEM.

:bulletpurple: Cosplay Planz: If anyone's interested in my upcoming cosplay plans for Saboten, uh, TOO BAD. >8D I'm keeping them all under wraps this time around, because PCC was a complete disaster; as in, the attitudes over my (read: my plans, so don't worry your pretty little head over it) cosplay plans were absolutely atrocious. I know I speak of this a lot, but I was getting pretty close to quitting the hobby because of it. So instead of making my plans known and giving bitches fuel for bitching, I'm just going to keep hush-hush. |D SURPRISES ARE FUN TOO RIGHT?

So that's it. I hope to get active again what with Saboten right around the corner, as well as a possible fancomic and more original comic stuff.

Wish me luck, and I hope everyone's having a fun summer! ;D


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PCC Plans: Because everyone's doing it

Journal Entry: Thu May 6, 2010, 7:17 PM
So, since I like to follow trends amongst friends just as much as the next guy, I figured it was time to update the journal with my DEFINITE-DEFINITE cosplay plans for Phoenix Comicon.

Due to time constraints and the ultimate, deciding factor (that being money, which I'm currently watching drain down to zero D: ), my cosplay plans aren't near as elaborate as they initially started out as. Recycling some old costumes and making relatively easy ones, I think I'm looking at a lineup like this:

:bulletpurple: Seras Victoria, blood version from none other than Hellsing. The progress on her right now is really slow, since I haven't been home, like, AT ALL, and I can't buy a pattern that fits for the life of me. But despite that and all the bad attitudes I've gotten over this costume, I'm really getting pretty stoked about it! I'll have fellows Khokolotte, MelodiousK, and captaintop cosplaying as Hellsing characters with me, so it's bound to be a barrel of good times. >D

:bulletpurple: The Grave of Maria will be making a return after I revamp the mask so it's a little more pleasant to wear. XD Since I didn't get a chance to really walk the halls at Saboten in this outfit, this'll give me a chance to do that (hopefully). And of course, Khokolotte will be coming back as my Cross Marian. ;D

:bulletpurple: Lenalee Lee is also making a return. She'll be back-up for Maria, since I don't plan on wearing that beast of a costume for a full day. XD So about half-way through, I'll change to Lenalee. Doing a few touch-ups on this costume too; I have my own wig to use, and I'm going to adjust the jacket so it fits better. Plus I'll have better Innocence anklets. XD

:bulletpurple: SECRET COSPLAY for real this time! This one is, luckily, just about finished! I just need two little things for it, and it's good to go. ;D Hopefully it'll surprise everyone!.... in a good way. o_o

And as two side things, I'll be wearing specific costumes for the two anime raves, both of which have AMAZING THEMES. >D The Friday night rave is Circus themed, which I'll be attending as a magnificent magician. :B And the Saturday night rave is none other than Black Rock Shooter themed! It's kinda sad that my BRS costume didn't happen this time around, but since I have the wig, I'll work out a sort of Faux-Rock-Shooter, which probably won't be the same level of skimpy, but ohwell. XD That's a very good thing, considering I'm not in amazing shape. 8D;;

I'm a bit disappointed that Masquerade plans didn't work out... T__T It is kind of a load off my chest though, since it'll be a convention where I can kind of relax and just go with the flow. You know when you start getting sick worrying over convention things, you're taking everything way too seriously.

So PCC will have an okay lineup, but not a whole lot of new. XD I'll use the summer to hopefully get my bigger, more impressive costumes done and come back for Saboten with a whole new lineup.

Sooooo anyway, hope to see you crazy kids at PCC!


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Update your LIFE with a note about Hetalia

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 14, 2010, 1:23 PM
Wasn't expecting to post another journal so soon, but... 8D I think I've figured out my dilemma and there's stuff I wanna get out there.

FIRST AND FOREMOST. Concerning Hetalia and all those who cosplay it. Following NumaFace's example, I wanted to share this here link with all you fellow Hetalia cosplayers:… <-- This is... Hetalia cosplay GUIDELINES.

Due to recent events at a certain Anime Boston, there has been a push to increase awareness of respect and consideration when cosplaying Hetalia. The incident at Anime Boston was, to say the least, embarrassing for not only the Hetalia community, but the anime community as a whole. We need to work to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. If you're a Hetalia cosplayer, I urge you to pass on these guidelines!

I admit, I'm a little touchy about stuff like this. XD; Growing up as a homeschooler, I've been faced with a few less-than-positive opinions because homeschoolers have this lovely stereotype of being social-idiots that just laze around at home and ignore any type of academic activities. Suffice it to say, that's not me or any of my wonderful homeschooling friends, and it's always been a personal goal to set a good example for the community. So this Hetalia thing has re-awakened that drive; let's not let our fandom be clouded by ill behavior! LET'S BE GOOD, CONSIDERATE EXAMPLES.

/rant aside

In other news, PCC cosplay plans have been reworked, remastered, and revamped down to a manageable size. XD So now... it looks something like this:

:bulletpurple:Seras Victoria
:bulletpurple:The Grave of Maria REVAMP
:bulletpurple:A Special Version of America if I can get it together. If not, I'll wear Haruhi or Lenalee or something. 8D

And possibly Nice Holystone and Bianchi, but if I don't get the wigs for them, I won't have a cow or anything. XD The only two I'm really, REALLY putting work into are Seras and Maria. It's too late in the game to fret over twenty-thousand costumes, so I'm not going to.

I took a chillpill over cosplay and conventions and all that jazz. Back when I first started going to conventions, I did it all for the lols, and I lost touch with that for a minute. So it's back to the lols. I'm not going to freak out over it, and I'm not going to pay any of the drama-llamas any attention. It's all for fun; and that's all it ever will be for. This is how a hobby should be.

So anyway... Finals are a'comin', PCC is a'comin', and I've been doing a lot of work on an original project lately. And that project, I AM SO HAPPY TO SAY, HAS ITS FIRST OFFICIAL COSPLAYER:
Giada: Top-notch negotiator by NumaFace

:iconkissingplz: Numa girl, you are too kind to me! IDK if I did it on purpose or not, but my character Giada is... like... NUMA IS HER. D: It was so frightening and so wonderful when I realized this~ ALL IN A GOOD WAY.

But anyway... updates probably will be scarce until after all this, but who knows? I might drop in with something every once in a while. XD

Until then, folks~


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Looks like a hiatus is coming

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 2, 2010, 12:58 AM
Howdy, folks~ Hope none of you got your panties in a twist over dA's little April Fool's joke. :B Let me send you a WHAMBULANCE if you did.

I was waiting to post this journal until April Fool's was well passed, since it would be open to much skepticism. But yes, like the title implies, I think I'm going on a hiatus for a little bit. Specifically a cosplay hiatus.

Lately, the hobby's been getting me down, which is a rather bad quality for a hobby. v_v; I've been feeling pretty down and out about cosplay for a while now; after a shitload of failed photoshoot attempts and some of the bad attitudes from other cosplayers... I dunno, I'm getting really tired of trying to even put forth much effort into it. Why bother especially if I can't take any pictures or wear my costumes to events? Quite plainly, it's POINTLESS at this point.

I've done this (sort of) with art; I'll get kinda put out over it, but once I take a break, I come back and it's fun again. Hopefully that's the case with this too. Granted I didn't have any shitty attitudes from other people in regards to my art, but whatever.

Anyway, cosplay videos, photoshoots, hell... even new costumes, probably won't be around for a while. I dunno when it'll all start going again; playing it by ear at this point. In regards to PCC.... Basically Seras is the only one I'm really set for at this point. I wanted to do the masquerade with Khokolotte and NumaFace, but schedules aren't working out, so if I even get another costume made, that'll be amazing. I might just break out old costumes again... who knows.

So anyway, less-than-perky journal is less-than-perky. XD;; Sorry folks.


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You asked for it, now ask Kanda and Lavi!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 12:28 PM
[EDIT] Hey kids, just stopping in to say we'll be filming either tomorrow or over the weekend! I wanna thank everyone for their questions so far, and I also want to urge those who haven't asked a question to do so very soon, since we'll be answering your questions... VERY SOON! 8D

So with that, that's all for now, folks! Hope everyone had a sweet spring break. ;D


Howdy all!

The winners of the latest poll are pretty clear cut, so I'm going to call it now and announce that Kanda and Lavi stand as the winners of the next Ask-a-Character video!

Since it looks like it's going to be a while before me, Khokolotte, and NumaFace can all get together to answer your questions as Austria, Prussia, and Hungary, me and Khokolotte are going to do a video for you in the meantime. ;D

You know how this goes: Ask Lavi and/or Kanda a question by posting said question in the comment section of this journal! The only thing I ask is to keep the questions fairly appropriate; Khokolotte and I are SIBLINGS, after all. ;D

In other news... upcoming photoshoot plans are completely AWOL right now. 8D;;; I don't even know anymore. Nice weather is running out, busy schedule is busy, and new cosplays aren't moving along too quickly. Art is also suffering from this. XD Spring break baby.... it's full of win, yup... /mope



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Hetalia World Summit (specific location announced)

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 8, 2010, 11:53 PM
  • Not all of these have to be links!

Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

Hey all you countries and Sealand! /shotforbadjoke

The World Summit is less than two weeks away, so I wanted to remind everyone to get on the guest list! Also, remember that this is a potluck-styled picnic; bringing a dish that's traditional to the country you're cosplaying is all part of the fun! (Not only that, but if anyone has some paper plates, napkins, or bottles of water they want to get rid of, that would be great too. I'll definitely have those on-hand, but just to be sure we have no shortage....!)

REMEMBER GUYS! If you're not on the guest list, please do so! I'd like to keep track of everyone coming and what food they're bringing.... because I'm a curious dork. 8B

Looking forward to seeing everyone real soon!


And now on to the basic info. 8D

Hetalia World Summit
:bulletpurple:What: Basically an APH gathering/potluck-style picnic XD
:new::bulletpurple:Where: Papago Park by the Phoenix Zoo (By the lakes near the zoo on the Nature trail area… <-- Map of park.) And in case it's hazy, a RED CIRCLE:
:bulletpurple:When: Saturday, March 13th. Start time at 11:00 a.m., and will end... IDK. XD 5:00-6:00 p.m.?
:bulletpurple:What You Need: A Hetalia cosplay (doesn't have to be anything fancy; a casual cosplay is fine :3) and a dish for sharing that represents your country!

Guest List

Raenstrife (Austria) -- Apple Strudel
NumaFace (Belarus) -- Klocki
Maniac-Lady (Russia) -- Borscht and Pirozhki
Khokolotte (Prussia) -- Potato Bread (Pssh, Germans)

captaintop (Germany) -- Something sausage related!
ShadowGarnet (Casual!Spain) -- Churros or something else that is sweet and delightful~
MelodiousK (Seychelles) -- Daube de Banane Plantain
WaterhalfFire (Hong Kong) -- Jiaozi
OrangeTablet (England) -- Apple pie and chocolate coins (Arrgh, it be a pirate thing)
venusgal100 (France) -- Traditional Croque Monsieur (subject to change, since she has time to think about it XD)
Zxenth-Ra (America) -- Hot Dogs!
Toiea (China) -- IDK RIGHT NAO.
Normalystrang37 (MYSTERY) -- MYSTERY! So mysterious~ :eyes:
Leexy's Mom: Possibly Mama Greece! 8D
thecapturedspy (Canada) -- Maple Syrup Cake
Eshiza (N. Italy) -- Potato Gnocchi
AldenEcho (Norway) -- A Fish Dish BAILED ON US
K3RI1 (Japan) -- IDK RIGHT NAO
Oniakako (Japan) -- IDK RIGHT NAO
LxLightIsLove (N.Italy) -- Pasta Vazul or a random pasta dish!
Sesshomaru-Sara (Russia) -- Pirozhki that "will be better"
xxTaintedPurityxx (Fem!America) -- Southern Fried Chicken
CherryTsuna (Canada) -- MAPLE SYRUP
Alaris24 (Denmark) -- Rødgrød (danish berry pudding)
MayuUchiha (China) -- Uhm... o3o Either Fried Rice or Fried Noodles!
XxeMmUmFeFtItNxX (Denmark or Belarus) -- IDK RIGHT NAO
MidnightAqua (IDK) -- IDK EITHER 8O
kousovaas (Spain) -- IDK RIGHT NAO
PrincessOfTheDishes (Denmark) -- Drinks (Of... the... Cola sort ;D)
MattTheMelodious (N. Italy) -- "Super Special Awesome Pasta!"
xXBaka-UsagiXx (Either Fem!Thailand, Crossdressing!HongKong, or Fem!Korea!) -- Possibly kimchi mando!
xxspoon (Lithuania) -- Possibly some form of cookies? 8O
DisturbingGoose (Iceland) -- IDK RIGHT NAO 8O
AAhrens (Casual!Fem!England!) -- Scones
AAhrens' friend (Casual!Belgium) -- Waffles

And I know I said I'd be transferring other guests over from sites, but... OTL BRB FEELING LAZY. I do, however, have you on a list, be it here or otherwise, so no worries! ;D And I will announce the exact meeting location with directions tomorrow! SO HANG TIGHT KIDS.

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Hetalia World Summit [Location!]

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 10:27 PM
  • Not all of these have to be links!

Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

:new:UPDATE: Location has been announced! We'll be heading on over to Papago for the summit, which, apparently is quite a fitting location, since it was a POW camp in WWII. Can anyone say PERFECT? :iconicameplz: Anyway, as far as the exact meeting place within the park, I'm open for suggestions. 8D


UPDATE: Alrighty everyone, we've finally decided on a date and time! (Now to figure out a location... >_>; ) Anyway, the World Summit will take place Saturday, March 13th! We're looking at 11:00 a.m. for the start time, but me, Khokolotte, Maniac-Lady, and NumaFace will be there before that to set up whatever there is to set up. :3

Also, I'm going to start the guest list now~ So. 8D YEAH.

LOL Journal skin.

And now on to the basic info. 8D

Hetalia World Summit
:bulletpurple:What: Basically an APH gathering/potluck-style picnic XD
:bulletpurple:Where: Papago Park (exact meeting place will be decided soon)
:bulletpurple:When: Saturday, March 13th. Start time at 11:00 a.m., and will end... IDK. XD 5:00-6:00 p.m.?
:bulletpurple:What You Need: A Hetalia cosplay (doesn't have to be anything fancy; a casual cosplay is fine :3) and a dish for sharing that represents your country!

This journal will be updated periodically, so keep an eye out if you're interested. :3 Any questions/suggestions, feel free to send me a note. Also, I'll be starting a guest list to keep track of who's bringing what. 8D

That's all for now!

Guest List

Raenstrife (Austria) -- Chocolate mousse and cake if you're lucky. XD
NumaFace (Belarus) -- Klocki
Maniac-Lady (Russia) -- Borscht and Pirozhki
Khokolotte (Prussia or Sweden) -- IDK RIGHT NAO.

captaintop (Germany) -- Something sausage related!
WaterhalfFire (Hong Kong) -- Jiaozi
OrangeTablet (England) -- Apple pie and chocolate coins (Arrgh, it be a pirate thing)
venusgal100 (France) -- Traditional Croque Monsieur (subject to change, since she has time to think about it XD)
Zxenth-Ra (America) -- Ham/cheeseburgers (OF COURSE!)
Toiea (China) -- IDK RIGHT NAO.
Normalystrang37 (N. Italy) -- Rigatoni
thecapturedspy (Canada) -- Maple Syrup Cake
Eshiza (N. Italy) -- Potato Gnocchi
AldenEcho (Norway) -- A Fish Dish BAILED ON US
K3RI1 (Japan) -- IDK RIGHT NAO
Oniakako (Japan) -- IDK RIGHT NAO
LxLightIsLove (N.Italy) -- Pasta Vazul or a random pasta dish!
Sesshomaru-Sara (Russia) -- Pirozhki that "will be better"
xxTaintedPurityxx (Fem!America) -- Southern Fried Chicken

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  • Eating: Some pasta dish Khokolotte made o_o

Ask Austria, Hungary, and Prussia a QUESTION!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 4:58 PM
[EDIT] J-just to make sure this is clear... o3o; please post your questions on this journal! And make sure you point out which character your question is directed to! ;D [END EDIT]

Hey kid-ettes~ The results are in from my poll (lol I closed it in my mind o3o because........................ I can), and it looks like that jerk Kanda won. ;D

HOWEVER, we're going to disregard that completely for the moment because.... I CAN. >D

No no, actually... me and partner-in-many-crimes NumaFace had been plotting on doing a joint ask-a-country video (because we can't function separately I guess :iconwthplz:) before I posted that last poll. XD And since the weather's still nice for outdoor things, I'm going to postpone the Kanda question session for the moment (I have to kinda wait for wig parts too o3o; ) and skip over to Austria. XD

THIS IS SPECIAL THOUGH. You'll not only be able to ask Austria questions, but also Hungary and Prussia. ALL IN ONE SPOT. 8D YOU LIKE IT, DON'T LIE.


So now I'm handing it over to you! Just be sure to tell me which character you're directing it to!


Prussia -- What's your strategy in seizing vital regions?
Prussia and Hungary -- You two totally secretly are dating, aren't you?

That's it kids. 8D Ask your questions, and you might just get them answered!

Raenstrife as Austria
NumaFace as Hungary
Khokolotte as Prussia

All characters from Hetalia~


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Cosplay Plans -- Revamped + On Youtube+SURVEY

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 10, 2010, 9:01 PM

Yoinked this from :iconaicosu:~


:bulletpurple: What is your cosplay alias?
Raen, but I really only use it online… e.e; In-person, I always introduce myself by my real name.

:bulletpurple: How many years have you cosplayed?
I believe…. It’s been two years since this last January. 8’D

:bulletpurple: How did you get into cosplaying?
Dressing up as fictional characters has always been UNBELIEABLY appealing to me, and after going to my first convention and seeing a bunch of people dressing up in JANUARY, I was like, “Daaaaamn, let me on this train 8D”.

:bulletpurple: What was your first convention and how did it go?
First convention was PCC 07. And…. I was actually pretty bored for the majority of the day, because I was unaware of panels and activities going on… e.e; But then the highlight was going to M. Alice LeGrow’s panel, and after that I was pretty much sold~

:bulletpurple: How many cons have you been to?
I think 8, more or less. 8O

:bulletpurple: How many cosplays have you done?
Only counting those that I’ve worn to events… 11, I think…. >___> Maybe more…

Your Cosplays

:bulletpurple: What was your first cosplay and why did you choose it?
My first was Tifa Lockhart, Advent Children version. I was supremely obsessed with FF then, and Tifa was like, my favorite female character. XD Plus…. There was no wig needed. O3O

:bulletpurple: What is your favorite cosplay you've done so far?
Oooooh…. Probably the Grave of Maria~ It was the first I ever completely made by myself. :’D

:bulletpurple: What is your least favorite you've cosplayed?
e3e We don’t talk about that one…..

:bulletpurple: What cosplay is the most uncomfortable?
Grave of Maria, HANDS DOWN. Like, it seriously, literally MIND CRUSHES me because of the head strap for the wings. >_>


:bulletpurple: How do you research the cosplay before you make it?
GOOGLE IMAGES BB. I hunt for official references (unless it’s Hetalia, because that’s just silly o3o Official references don’t exist for that one~) and read up on the character. I also look at other cosplayers of that character, to see how they handled certain aspects of the costume.

:bulletpurple: Do you sew your cosplays yourself?
Recently, yes. XD And I’m switching to this more so, because I want to enter masquerades. O3O

:bulletpurple: If so, how did you learn to sew? If not, do you plan to learn?
8D PFFFT, I never formally learned. I  knew the basics, like how to actually RUN the machine, but other than that… COMPLETELY GUESSED.

:bulletpurple: Do you make your own props?
Yes~ I always have. :”D

:bulletpurple: If so, how did you learn to? If not, do you plan to learn?
For props that don’t involve table saws (XD), I usually just start messing about with the materials until I come up with something. 8O If there’s any saws involved, my dad does it… e.e; Because me + blades = missing appendages.

:bulletpurple: Do you style your own wigs?
Yes and no. >.> I do the hair spraying… but not the cutting…

:bulletpurple: What other skills do you use to create your cosplays?
One could say my “artistic background” lets me sculpt, paint, and draw when it’s called for? 8D; As well as the ability to critique the hell out of my costumes. XD

:bulletpurple: What skill has been most useful for making your cosplay?
Probably the fact that I can take critiques (both my own and others) and use them to better my costume. I will not STOP until I’m satisfied with the end product. X_x

:bulletpurple: What is the hardest thing when making a cosplay?
CUTTING. THE. FABRIC. D8 That part scares me to deeeath

:bulletpurple: What was the biggest screw up you've had making a cosplay?
……………. *thinking* …………. I make my stuff too big? 8O IDK….

:bulletpurple: How often do you injure yourself while making a cosplay?
I stab the hell outta my fingers with pins… e.e But above that, nothing too serious yet.


:bulletpurple: Do you try to stay cheap or do you splurge on materials?
I absolutely do NOT go as cheap as I can, because nothing ruins a costume like shitty fabric. D8 I try to buy appropriate fabric, but I always try to do it in a smart way, like waiting for sales or using coupons. XD


:bulletpurple: Have you ever cosplayed with a partner or group?
Pretty much ALWAYS with a partner. 8D  

:bulletpurple: Do you try to act in character?
PFFFT, only in pictures. XD Any other time, I’m busy being a hyper moron. 8D

:bulletpurple: Have you ever done fanservice at a con? (Yaoi, yuri, etc)
Not at a con…. >_> But for photoshoots…. AusHun? 8O THAT COUNT?

:bulletpurple: How do you react to cosplayers dressed as character from the same anime/game/etc?
Depends on how hyper I am at the time… o3o

:bulletpurple: Do you try to duplicate your character's expressions, walk, movements, etc?
8D That’s funny… NO. OTL

:bulletpurple: When crossplaying, do you try to act as much like the gender as possible?
XD Maybe a little…. But not really… >_>

:bulletpurple: What was your funniest experience of acting in character?
8D; Well…. When I cosplayed as Haruhi, I was a lot more outgoing [read: obnoxious] than usual… So I kinda yelled at some people and then waved at people and just… YEAH.

:bulletpurple: What was your worst experience acting in character?
o3o; IDK if there’s been one….


:bulletpurple: Do you compete in cosplay contests?

:bulletpurple: Have you won anything?
8D Amazingly enough, yes!

:bulletpurple: Do you prefer skits or walk-ons?
Just a walk-on so far, but there’s a skit planned for the future!


:bulletpurple: How many friends have you made because of cosplay?
Ohman…. Quite a few. <3 They are awesome and make cosplaying a BAJILLION times more amusing~

:bulletpurple: Do you attend photo shoots and meet-ups outside of conventions?
When I can. D’8 So far I’m not having the best of luck with that this year…

:bulletpurple: What is the funniest reaction you've gotten cosplaying from people outside of the community?
Hmm, probably the time we went down to the art center for a photoshoot for Cross and Maria. XD We had a whole ceramics class talking to us about it.

:bulletpurple: What was the worst?
I don’t think there’s been one yet. >.>


How long do you think you'll be cosplaying for?
As long as I can pull off characters convincingly! 8D

:bulletpurple: Name a few cosplays you're planning to do next:
Seras Victoria, Ukraine, Black Rock Shooter, and Rin Kagamine!

:bulletpurple: What is your dream cosplay?
ATM… Austrian War of Succession Austria. O3O FRILLY THINGS.


:bulletpurple: What do you take into consideration when picking a character to cosplay?
Hair…. >__> If the character has a wonky color like orange or something, I can’t do it without looking like a total nob. OTL Also, the style. Punky styles, short styles, or styles that cover my face = NOooooo. I also… TRY not to crossplay too much… e.e That’s failing, considering I wanna cosplay as Kanda, America, and every version of Austria under the sun….

:bulletpurple: Is cosplay serious business for you?
Serious? XD Not neurotically so. While I try my hardest to make a nice costume, I’m still in it just for the fun of it all.

:bulletpurple: What is your favorite thing about cosplay?

:bulletpurple: What is your least favorite?

:bulletpurple: What is it that makes you keep cosplaying?
Having fun with my friends, the fact that it tickles my inner and outer nerd… MAKING THINGS.

How would you like cosplaying to change in the future?
For the general community? Prepare for a rant…. People need to not be so serious about it. I mean really… look at the hobby. HOW can you be serious about it? I’ve run into too many situations where someone gets up in my McGriddle because I “stole” their character or they give up on cosplaying as a character because I already “claimed” it… and this sort of attitude does nothing but piss me off. Cosplay is supposed to be fun for everyone. Don’t let anyone discourage you from cosplaying as who you want, and never, EVER think you have the sole right to a single character. You don’t own anything, and I don’t own anything. Just keep it fun, okay kids?

:bulletpurple: How do you want to grow as a cosplayer?
I want the general quality of my costumes and my ability to get in-character to get better. O3O And I want to continue challenging myself with stupid-hard costumes!

Whoever wants to do this, HELP YOURSELF.


Hey folks, it be the monthly updating time~

First and foremost, since it's totally the title of this journal.... COSPLAY PLANS. I'm revamping them a little. e.e; Recently, our camera (which, mind you, is pretty much an ancient piece of equipment and not that wowzah of a camera anyway) decided it no longer wanted to accept the largest memory card we have. No big deal, right? Just go out and buy a new one. WELL.... if only it were that simple... >_>; See, apparently the model of camera we have was never intended for large memory cards, and despite it working for years without a hitch, it just won't accept it any longer, for some... weird... pissy-camera reason. Still no big deal, right? Go out and buy a smaller card.

B| Trust me, we've been trying to do just that.... but this camera is old, and the memory cards available to it... well, they're pretty much nonexistent anymore. o__o;

We have only one memory card that the camera will accept, and that card only holds up to 16 pictures.... anyone who knows the first thing about photoshoots knows that 16 pictures will get you JACK-SHIT. XD It just doesn't work.

So, back to the reason cosplay even works into this... in the interest of saving money [so I can spend it on a new camera e.e; ], I'm pushing two cosplays back till another time, probably next fall. Those two costumes: Second Uniform Lenalee and Third Uniform Kanda.

As much as I don't wanna drop these two for PCC, I kinda have to because time and money aren't on my side. D'8 But I really would rather drop them than go without a camera for the whole cosplay season (mind you, we get like, FOUR MONTHS of it). There's still photoshoots that I want to do (and some that I need to do this season T__________T CRYING INSIDE), so hopefully... *crosses fingers*

However, in place of Kanda and Lenalee, I have two costumes that are cheap and almost complete. 8'D Who are we talking here? Well, final(ish) lineup looks like this:

:bulletpurple: Black Rock Shooter
:bulletpurple: Seras Victoria (blood version)
:bulletpurple: Ukraine :new:
:bulletpurple: Rin Kagamine :new:

I already have all the materials for Rin, plus a lot of progress on it already, and Ukraine just needs some suspenders and different ribbon (I'm not going as the most accurate Ukraine ever, but... D: Time, money, and my Belaruuuuuuussssss are all talking to me at once). Incidentally... XD They share a wig... WHAT DO YA KNOW.

So cheap, quick, fun, and easy costumes. XD

And that's the cosplay update for the moment.

AND IN CASE YOU DON'T GET ENOUGH OF ME ON DA -- /shotforbeingobnoxious… I'm on Youtube. 8D

My activity there is still pretty... e.e not-so-active.... but I did post my first vlog, and I will undoubtedly post more later. I'd like to work in some lame cosplay antics too. o3o Like Ask-a-Country stuff or something like that. /shot some more


Back to life, kiddos~

~~ Raen

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 21, 2010, 11:37 PM
Hai gaiz~

Ask me a question. 8D I'll try to answer everything as SERIOUSLY as I can. 'Cause I'm OH SO SRS. :icongermanyplz:

Aside from that... lame update is lame. XD I started classes. All two of them. And I survived a tornado warning. And....

*zones out*


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Why, hello everyone. 8D Thanks to the wonderful subscription MelodiousK gave me, I'm now fully capable of posting STUPID COSPLAY OUTTAKE JOURNALS! :iconimhappierplz: And hopefully I'll be able to post a few of these within this cosplay season. ;D There's already a couple photoshoots in the planning stage, so the chances are good indeed. :eyes:

Anyway, this last Monday, NumaFace and I, along with dear brother Khokolotte as the photographer, had ourselves a little Austria/Hungary (Hungary/Austria is more like it XD) photoshoot, as you probably saw. 8D; It was rather miraculous that we got any pictures at all, since it seemed like both of us would start cracking up at the drop of a hat (pairing pictures. OHYEAH, we're good at those ;D). While the worthwhile pictures will hopefully appear on dA eventually, the outtakes... WILL APPEAR SOONER THAN THOSE.

Even the Wind 2.0.
:iconprussiaplz: ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN.

We can never start a photoshoot without Paparazzi-styled photos. 8D It's like our form of a warm-up.

Like a real convention goer, Khokolotte takes pictures without permission.


While the first few photos were captured in a relatively smooth manner, we soon discovered that we couldn't make eye-contact, or else we just lost all composure. XD

Frying pan pictures were also very much a MUST. I think the original plan had been for Khokolotte, who plays our Prussia, to incur the wrath of NumaFace's frying pan, but somehow I took Prussia's place. D8

"I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS, but you'll never learn if I DON'T!"

"WALL" shots were also an apparent MUST (or so said Khokolotte e.e; ). And "wall" shots are NOT EASY. D'8 In fact, those were damn near impossible to achieve!

Our faces 99.9% of the time, especially during these photos!

We managed to serious for a few though.

LUV GAEM. :iconhappytardplz:

Don't you hate it when you're in the middle of a nap and someone just up and grabs your hair twig? D8

I didn't REALLY grab her boobs, sheesh. TWAS A HUG THAT LOOKS WEIRD.

I have no idea what we call this. :|


What a lady NumaFace is~

We finished up with the photoshoot, marking the end of "seriousness" and the beginning or pure durp. 8B

/will stop saying that someday XD

Elizabeta: Hey Roddy..... :eyes: *suggestive face*
Roderich: 8| NOW?

And we end this durp-filled journal with a durp-filled picture.

Hey look, it's Khokolotte! 8D

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Frohe Weihnachten!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 24, 2009, 6:06 PM
Changed title, because I am a DORK. 8D;;

XD It actually seems like a normal night for me, but hey, a low-key Christmas will be good too. ;D I hope everyone else is having a merry holiday season~

Aside from holiday wishes (which I'm sad to say I have no drawings in the holiday spirit. D'8 NO SURPRISE), this journal has another point! AND THAT IS:


What in the hell is this, you ask? 8D Why, a picnic, of course! BUT WE DON'T CALL IT A PICNIC, BECAUSE WORLD SUMMIT SOUNDS MORE IMPORTANT.

:iconmaniac-lady:,:iconkhokolotte:, :iconnumaface:, and I are planning on a Hetalia gathering sometime next year (aka: January/February). It'll consist of food, photos, and general Hetalia tardness. 8D

What You Need in Order to Attend
:bulletpurple: First and foremost, a Hetalia cosplay. 8D UH. OBVIOUSLY.
:bulletpurple: A dish that is traditional to your country to bring. (This will be potluck style)

Easy, no? ;D We'll be meeting at a park, which, said park has yet to be decided. XD First we want to make sure people are even interested. >.> If there's enough interest, I will, of course, keep you updated on times, location, attendance, and the like.

So, if you ARE interested, please state so in a comment on this journal. 8D

So yup. UPDATE AND INQUIRY. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! 8'D


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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 11, 2009, 4:35 PM
Just got home from running errands today, and my mom called me over to show me an email. I thought it was going to be a stupid snafu from my future college, but got a pleasant surprise. 8'D A most generous year's subscription from my dear :iconmelodiousk:!

Thank you so much, darling~ :iconblushingplz: YOU'RE SO KIND TO THIS OLD RAEN THING. :blowkiss:

So now I can fill journals with pictures and skins and rearrange my page and all KINDS OF FUN STUFF! :iconimhappiestplz:

Also... since I'm already writing a journal, I'll take the time to say that I'll be going out-of-town soon to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. :icondisneylandplz: 8D It will distract me from the horror that is my birthday. Which... I'll actually be stuck in a car all day for my birthday, so... OTL *donotwant*

But whatevs, ey? Also, on the cosplay front, I'll be breaking out that new secret Hetalia cosplay sometime later next week, and hopefully I'll be able to have an SOS Brigade photoshoot with :iconmelodiousk: and :iconnumaface:. We've tried... so many times to get together for a shoot, but fate... IT HATES US. D8 Either way, photoshoots may provide interesting pictures in which to stick in this journal equipped with picture-displayin' options. >;D

So anywhoooo, the update for the day. :'D THANK YOU AGAIN, KIWI~ :heart:


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We need your VOTE!

This is Paddy. Since the first day I met her, she's been nothing but warm, hospitable, and absolutely lovely. :'D I'd sure like for you guys to reciprocate such love through a vote for this fine lady. It would be much appreciated!

[I'll stop editing eventually] So, some more updates. Luka, Liz, and, yes, Kanda Clause. XD Luka, I'm not 100% on, because I love Miku and Meiko's outfits as well. D8 So I'm split between those three girls. Liz... cheap, easy, and ridiculous fun with Numa and Kho. <3 And Kanda Clause. B| Hoshino, why you make Kanda so adorable, eh? I wish I didn't have so much to do or a limited amount of money. D; But anyways... there you have it. I'll stop editing this journal someday. :iconimstupidplz:[END]

[SOME MORE EDIT] More adjusting to the list. Seras Victoria probably won't happen for a while, because there's too many people wanting to go as her at the same time that I do. I really don't care if someone cosplays as the same character that I do, but I know not everyone shares that view. So whatevs. I still really want to go as her even after two years, so she will happen someday.

In other news, I'm sick as a freaking dog. D8 I dunno if it's just a cold or the swine flu (OMFG IMMA DIEEEE) or what, but I feel like dying right here as I type. X___x Which really sucks, because ANIFEST THIS SATURDAY. OTL D; I wanna goooooooo......[ENDERS]

[EDIT AGAIN] Quick update to the updates! Swapped out one vampire series for another and added a secret cosplay. You should be able to spot it. :3 Hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend! I'll be busy; I got my first commission from a classmate. :'D [END EDIT]

Aaaaahhh, since everyone's doing it, I figured I give a rough outline as to what I want to cosplay next. Also, I want to apologize for my lack of activities. X___X I've been kinda sick lately... Not the flu or anything.... but yeah. I'll work out of it eventually, I guess.


Cosplay plans for the near future:

(Plans include maybes. XD They is scattered about)

:bulletpurple:Third Uniform Kanda (I'm so pumped about making this, it's not even funny. D8)
:bulletpurple: Black Rock Shooter (Insane.... I will certainly try! XD)
:bulletpurple: Military version Ukraine (to cosplay with NumaFace, who makes a mean Belarus~)  
:bulletblue: Seras Victoria, Blood version <-- Replaces Trinity Blood. 8D
:bulletpurple: Bianchi (from Reborn, yessss. 'Cause I just want to throw Toiea into violent spells of nausea :'D)
:bulletpurple: Nice Holystone (Eyepatch + scars = WIN)
:bulletpurple: Miku Hatsune (EVENTUALLY. I've wanted to cosplay her since like, FOREVER)
:bulletpurple: Rin Kagamine (Started, but I dunno when I'll have my Len to wear it with.... ~___~)
:bulletpurple: Second Uniform Lenalee (I got the most generous donation from Rideru for this one. *___* I THANK HER GREATLY)
:bulletpurple: Meylene, Maylene, Meiren (However the hell you spell her name... The maid from Kuroshitsuji! Only the badassness version)
:bulletred: SECRET COSPLAY! Hint: It's from Hetalia. >D QUIET NUMA, I KNOW YOU ALREADY KNOW!
:bulletpurple: New! Vocaloid Luka in her Grave of Dragon (lol or whatever the hell it's called XD) dress:
:bulletpurple: New! Liz Thompson from Soul Eater, along with :iconnumaface: as my sister Patty, and :iconkhokolotte: as Death the Kid. 8D HOPEFULLY!
:bulletyellow: I highly doubt I'll be able to do it within the month of December, but it would tickle me senseless if I could make Kanda's purple Santa suit. 8D LIKE, you have no idea how much I love that outfit. So we'll see. :heart:

And that's all I got so far.... I will most likely be adjusting this list as we go. XD


P.S. Shaddup, I like this free journal thing. *geek*
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Con Report: Saboten 09!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 5, 2009, 5:59 PM
[EDIT] *taking advantage of the new limited skin thinger* [END EDIT]

Howdy y'all. ;D Raen's back from Saboten (as you may have noticed already), and she's got a con report up her sleeves. Only.... no pictures. T__T We were so busy throughout the weekend that there was no time to take [non-blackmail] photos. So it'll just be a wall of text with bad humor. 8D

And since I already announced my excitement over this splendiferous con, we’ll get to the meat of it all.



We arrived with a car-full of costumes, art, and more costumes. We were promptly greeted by that No-Good Tsuna, :iconcheryldonotwantplz: -- er, :iconcherrytsuna:, I mean... And :iconkhiorii:, who was decked out in her awesome-sauce Zero cosplay, complete with her wicked helmet. :'D :iconkhokolotte: parted with Khiorii and the Code Geass clan for a photoshoot, leaving it up to me, my mom, and friends :icondjpdancer: and Zach to unload the car and get an art table set up.

The cosplay of the day for me was Haruhi Suzumiya, along with :iconmelodiousk: as our Supah Kawaii Mikuru, :iconnumaface: as our ever-so-sophisticated Yuki, and our pal Zach as Mister Jaded-of-Haruhi's-antics, Kyon. Us three girls got our tables ready to go, and then it was quickly off to Khokolotte’s Cosplay Photography panel. We were actually a little late to it, but (and this is one of those rare times I’ll say this) technical difficulties were to thank for us being able to see the whole panel. 8D HOORAY FOR LATE-STARTS!

We met up with lots of friendly faces that day, including :iconforbiddenflesh: and :iconltgriffonclaw:, :iconhikarininjax:, :icontoiea:, :iconrideru:, :iconnormalystrang37:, :iconorangetablet:, :iconlifelike81:, :iconscruffypants:, :iconkaiyalolipop:, :iconvitasoy:, and friends Elizabeth, Damon,  Kelsey.

(and if I forgot anyone…. D8 I’M SO SORRY. Please feel free to chew me out! *has a terrible memory*)

We ended up missing the J-Fashion Show, which was a let-down. D; But ya know how things go…

As night fell, it was time to get snazzied-up for the Cosplay Prom. Granted…. That consisted mainly of a dress change and makeup touch-up for me. XD; We ended up going down a flight of scary stairs instead of the elevator, because GODDAMN, those things were freaking crowded. D8 Those scary flight of stairs were handy, but when you hear footsteps following you down, it gets just a little tense… We had lots of people, though, so no Raen-alone-in-a-stairwell thing going on there. ;D

Cosplay Prom was fun~ They played our song (aka: the Hare Hare Yukai), which was danced pretty badly on my part. 8D; High heels man. I’m handicapped in them. Not to mention strapless dresses are le scary to wear. D; But it was still fun. Voting for Prom King and Queen was also fun, and even more so yet when Khokolotte won the title of Prom King and the big stupid hat. >D

After the prom, it was time for more dancing, though this time in nice, comfortable clothes. XD We met up with lifelike81 and Jorden, as well as the ever-so-well-learned-in-the-ways-of-sexy-dancing AldenEcho, for a night of wild dancing. Dancing on platforms – hellll yeah. >D Me and MelodiousK were rockin’ that table. 8D OHOHOHHOHOO~ :iconorangetablet: and :iconnormalystrang37: were also there, being groovy like always. You guys make me feel so white and nerdy next to your sweet dance moves. OTL

Much, much, much later, it was finally time to call it a night after helping break down the dance. I was tired, to the point where happy delirium was past and I was just in a zombie state. It was an even earlier start tomorrow, so sleep was muchly needed.

No such luck. XD Allergies kicked in as soon as we got back to the hotel room. So day two saw me running off of three hours of sleep alone. 8D


Back to Artist’s Alley for set up after putting on my angry eyes for a casual Kanda cosplay. Angry eyes were pretty easy to achieve; I was tired as hell, and stressed out about the big day of Saturday. I only had a few hours before I had to change for Café Moe, and those few hours were spent with our buddy Damon, who did his very first cosplay as Allen Walker (Kanda had a Moyashi to pick on >D OHOHOHOHHO~). Time flew by though, and it was time to get our Moe on and head on over to the maid and butler cafe. At this point in time, I was actually feeling really bad – like, pass-out kinda bad. I hadn’t eaten, and I was dehydrated from the previous day, plus half-dead from no sleep. ~___~ I got some emergency nourishment from my momma though, so I was able to at least not pass out during the Café.

I ended up having to ditch early, because there were still a few last-minute preps on the Grave of Maria I needed to do. THANK YOU, YUKIKO, FOR UNDERSTANDING! T^T After a hurried lunch and repairs on the wings (spray adhesive DID NOTHING. D8< ), it was time to get dressed in the monster that is Maria and go down to judging. (And mucho thanks to Elizabeth for helping get with getting ready. @____@ I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU~).

Khokolotte and I went down (albeit separately. He went down early just in case I wasn’t ready in time so he could assure the judges I would indeed be there… eventually) for judging, where we met the Kuroshitsuji Circus group, all of who were looking amazing and FIERCE. >D Having them in there before us actually helped calm my nerves. T__T Alden and Cheryl, your antics made me smile~ :’D

The worst of it all being over after judging, we retreated behind the AA tables, where I sat sorta helplessly with that huge dress (and mask off… I can only take so much crushing pain at a time ~_~ ). Vitasoy kept me company, along with Toiea, Alden, Cheryl, venusgal100, ForbiddenFlesh, LtGriffonClaw, and of course Numa, Zach, Elizabeth, and Khoko. Funny times ensued. ;D

THEN IT WAS MASQUERADE TIME. I don’t know if it was the pain of the mask or what, but I was pretty calm at this point. Sitting in the Green Room took a while, but :iconkhiorii:, denmama Kelsey, and the Circus group made the time pass by in a much-more-fun way. And then it was time. And I wasn’t even nervous until AFTER the performance. 8D TIMING FAIL. XD We went back to the Green room, only to get called back to stage. Me, Khoko, and Toiea ended up being led back by Miss Deep just a few minutes after, and we had no idea why. O_O It was frightening, but then I remembered. OHRIGHT.

We three were some of the winners in the Cosplay Photography Contest, with me and Khoko in third, and Toiea in second.

AND THEN IT WAS BACK TO THE STAGE FOR THE AWARDS FOR THE MASQUERADE. By the end of it (and by that point, I was pretty much dying from my head being crushed), me and Khoko walked away with Best Couple award and a promotion to Journeyman. 8D SO IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

Straight up to the hotel room me, Khoko, and Kelsey went so me and Khoko could change. Khoko had to go set up for a dance, and I was soon joined by Kiwi, Numa, and Elizafeesh. TIME TO EAT, FINALLY. After stuffing ourselves with Olive Garden goodies, Numa and Feesh had to leave us, and me and Kiwi went down to meet up with Zach, Khoko, and our pal Alex.

The night slowed down a lot. XD; I was going to go to the Halloween dance, but I was waaaaay too tired. So instead I hung out with Toiea, Khiorii, Alex, and then later OrangeTablet joined us. It was a nice relaxing finish to a crazy day.


The Rest Day, and boy was I ready for it. XD Still had to get up early though. D: AA table once again, but at this point I didn’t have a whole lot of art left. I was wearing Third Uniform Lenalee that day, which I was strangely excited for. 8O The majority of the day was spent wandering with Toiea, her BAN HAMMER, and Kiwi, until Kiwi abandoned me for the tea party. D: But that left me with Andrea, Jorden, Toiea, and Susan, which was great fun. :’D Sitting in the halls, blocking your walkway. OHYEAH. Numa, Kelsey, Khoko, and Kiwi (quiet you) joined us later, and we pretty much spent the rest of the convention being lazy and talking.

And that pretty much sums up the Saboten Con Report. 8O WELL, not really. I’m going to list the highlights just for those who are too lazy to read that 1412+ word-long mass.

:bulletpurple: HANGING OUT WITH EVERYONE! Some of my favorite moments were just sitting around, talking/eating/taking blackmail photos/fantarding/failing to juggle. Good tiems, man, good tiems.
:bulletpurple: Yelling at a Tsuna and Gokudera cosplay duo. I thought it was CherryTsuna and Toiea, but then realized too late that the Gokudera was wearing a completely different outfit. 8D; Recognition fail.
:bulletpurple: The Masquerade~~~ Even if wearing my Maria mask was freakishly uncomfortable, the energy and excitement from everyone in the Masquerade was contagious. Winning stuff also helped make it enjoyable too. 8D LOL I seriously can't wait to do it again!
:bulletpurple: Three of my friends did their first cosplays at Sabo. I'M SO PROUD OF THEM~ They did so well! T^T (Three friends, you know who you are! ;D)
:bulletpurple: The Friday night dance! I was stupid-tired afterward and my knee was punishing me, but it was so much fun dancing on the platforms with MelodiousK. ;D IT MADE IT ALL WORTH IT.
:bulletpurple: Artist Alley~! There are a few instances that just shocked the hell out of me… Such as people who didn't want change back for a little bookmark. O.O You give me $20 for bookmark? Let me get you change! What? You don't want it...? O_____o; B-but... it's... only $3.... /this is a true story
:bulletpurple: Sitting behind the AA tables on Saturday with Vitasoy, venusgal100, Toiea, AldenEcho, and CherryTsuna. Khokolotte's announcement of Elizabeth’s fangirliness over Kanda got the best reaction ever from Toiea. She seemed highly offended. I LOL'D.
:bulletpurple: Coming in Third Place for the Cosplay Photography contest. All who voted for me and my brother, thank you SO MUCH! *________*
:bulletpurple: Right before it was our turn to go up, Khoko looks at Kelsey and says, "I really have to pee", which received a, "Are you a little kid?!" in response. XD And as if that weren't great as it is, Toiea had to add to it. "I have to go too..." Joker and Cross doing the I-gotta-wee dance. PRICELESS.
:bulletpurple: Watching an eyepatch’d person try to juggle (which ended in balls flying everywhere XD). 8D OHOHOHOHO~ And then later making fun of their blind spot. XD *so cruel*
:bulletpurple: All the people who recognized my work from dA! I was so surprised that there were so many. *___* Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi~

Ahhh…. What a wall of text. XD To conclude:

THANK YOU EVERYONE! :iconleleleplz: To all those that I got to hang out with, that helped me with my table, bought my stuff, cheered me on…. You made Saboten 09 the best convention I’ve ever been to. :3

Here’s to the next convention!


P.S. Raen is not responsible for any spelling errors that take place within this document.

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